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Garden Charities

The National Garden Scheme
The National Garden Scheme opens thousands of outstanding gardens throughout England and Wales to raise money for nursing and caring charities. Most of the gardens are private and not normally open to visitors.
Thrive - Using gardening to change lives
Thrive uses horticultural therapy to bring about profound transformations in the lives of disabled people. We champion the benefits of gardening, carry out research, train professionals and offer practical solutions so that anyone with a disability can enjoy gardening.
At Greenfingers we are dedicated to providing magical and inspiring gardens for the children, siblings and families who use hospices around the UK to enjoy.


The National Allotment Society
The National Allotment Society (NSALG) is the leading national organisation upholding the interests and rights of the allotment community across the UK. We work with government at national and local levels, other organisations and landlords to provide, promote and preserve allotments for all. We offer support, guidance and advice to our members and those with an interest in allotment gardening.
The Allotment Garden for allotment holders, vegetable growers and gardeners.
"I've been gardening and growing my own vegetables, fruit and herbs for nearly 40 years now. I was lucky enough to get a good grounding from my grandfather and I've learned a lot from my mistakes along the way."
RHS - Growing your own
With a bit of preparation work you can produce attractive and productive plots for crops all year round. Make sure you clear the ground, test the soil and plan what to grow when, to ensure a satsifying supply of food for the table.

Food and Booze!

Cooking from your Allotment
"There's no point in growing wholesome fresh produce and then spoiling it. If you grow your own vegetables then you are going to be interested in the quality of your food and, having grown the perfect cabbage, you don't really want to boil it for 2 hours!"
Making your own wine
"Well I knew that how to make wine was a burning question for a while, and when I started this there were zero instructables on the topic, but now there's plenty! The method I'll be showing here is from a kit, but don't be fooled, there's still loads that can go wrong. In this instructable I'll try to outline both the kit method and the true home-brew method by stating how and where they are different."
The beginners guide to wine making
The following is a list of essential equipment to make 30 bottles of wine...


Alison Perkins Art
Alison Perkins is an accomplished Wildlife Artist. Though almost entirely self taught, her work has come highly placed in many competitions and has been exhibited extensively, including the Mall Galleries in London where she was a finallist in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2011.

Lesleys Blog

  • Posted on Tuesday 22nd September, 2015
    Back Again.

    Been neglecting this site over the summer. Been on holiday  (twice) and have not really had much to say. As it is nearing October it is bulb planting  time, and time to put the garden to bed for the winter. That entails lots of cutting back and cutting down, and moving stuff that has grown […]

  • Posted on Saturday 1st August, 2015
    Our bees

    Just a few of the lovely photos taken by Matt in our garden this July.

  • Posted on Sunday 26th July, 2015
    Rain, and more rain

    Well we did need it. But not quite this much. Have managed to get out and plant three new Iris plants, but have done not much else. Hopefully I can get out and dead head a bit tomorrow, and go and visit our sadly neglected allotment. As the ground is so wet, it might be a […]

  • Posted on Saturday 18th July, 2015
    Early Autumn

    Our garden, I am convinced, believes it is autumn. We  are now having to do the jobs that we normally have to do in September, and the large, big fat spiders have started to enter the house, so it’s close the windows time, and split the plants time. Most annoying, cos we don’t seem to […]

  • Posted on Thursday 9th July, 2015
    Thinking it over

    I have come to realise that much of my gardening is really just what I call ‘headology’ Standing and staring, watching and looking, to see what goes where, what is too big, what does not look happy. Really looking into the garden. So when I sit and there and do nothing, I am actually doing […]